Q4 Metrology and Additive Manufacturing Promotions

We have great promotions running through the end of 2020 in our Metrology and Additive Manufacturing Businesses. Our discounts start at 15% off and go up from there and are available until 12/20/20.  

First Article Inspection Bundle

Be prepared to support your First Article Inspection needs with our special hardware and software bundle :

  • 1 License of Discus Software (includes Desktop, OCR, Results)
  • 1 Creaform HandySCAN Black Handheld 3D Scanner
  • eLearning (Class)

Basic Reverse Engineering Bundle

Get ready to innovate with our reverse engineering bundle promotion! Our end of year Q4 promotion includes:

  • Geomagic DesignX software
  • GeoMagic Classroom Training
  • HandySCAN 307 3D Scanner
  • eLearning 3D Scanner Training

QA/QC Bundle with Statistical Process Control Software

Get your Quality team up to the latest available Quality Assurance and Control Package which includes:

  • PolyWorks Inspector Software
  • PolyWorks Custom Training (on-site)
  • PolyWorks Classroom Training
  • HandySCAN BLACK 3D Scanner
  • eLearning 3D Scanner Training

3D Scan to Print Manufacturing Engineering Tooling Bundle

Be prepared to support your own tooling needs on the shop floor with our 3D Scan to Print tooling package which includes a Markforged Desktop 3D Printer:

  • HandySCAN 307 with VX Model Software
  • 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Generative Design (Option)
  • Mark Two 3D Printer
  • 3D Scan to Print Training
  • Printer must include 3 Year CSP

3D Scan to Print Industrial Tooling Bundle

Step up your 3D Printing capabilities with our Markforged Industrial X7 3D Printer and meet your customer and shop floor tooling needs on-demand:

  • HandySCAN 307 with VXModel
  • 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Generative Design (Option)
  • Industrial X-7  Printer Promo Bundle
  • 3D Scan to Print Training
  • *Printer must include 3 Year CSP

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Discounts starting at 15% off!

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